Aeroquip – FC800-16

(798 customer reviews)




Product Specifications

Cover Material Other/mixed
Hose Family Refrigerant
Product Line Aeroquip
Tube Material Other/mixed

Overview & Features

Multi-Refrigerant Hose for Large Bus


  • Temperature Range of , -40oC to +125oC (-40oC to +257oC)
  • New to the world, barrier foil technology for near zero refrigerant loss.
  • Qualified with R134a, R1234yf , R407C and Significantly Exceeds SAE J2064 Performance
  • Sizes 12, 16, 20 and 24
  • Screw Together Fitting with O’ring Design for Assured Sealing.
  • Crimp Fitting Option Under Development

Where Used


  • 0-40 hp
  • Mobile A/C, Refrigeration
Oil and gas

  • Public Transportation
  • Mobile A/C, Refrigeration

  • Public Transportation
  • Mobile A/C, Refrigeration

Value Propositions

Additional information



798 reviews for Aeroquip – FC800-16

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